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Can you change your brand name? The Pe(p)si case

It was like a little earthquake last summer for all branding gurus who claim you should never change your brand name. To this date – especially for all big international brands the rule was: never change your name in spelling and pronunciation! One brand in all markets!

And Pepsi did just the exact opposite. It changed its brand name in Argentina to “Pecsi”.

There is even an official Pepsi, sorry Pecsi website about pronunciation and it reflects in a humorous way how people from Argentina pronounce english words in a different way, e.g. “Rocanroll”, “Daunlos”. Continue reading

Term 1: Acoustic Brand Management

Acoustic Brand Management is the strategic development and implementation of an Acoustic Identity. This Acoustic Identity includes Sound Branding elements, sound dimensions, and the brand voice. The use of the acoustic elements takes place within the complete communication mix. Acoustic elements can be combined with the products and if possible even with the corporate communication.

Do you agree or disagree with this definition? Is anything missing in the definition we use? Please post your ideas in the comments section.

Sound Branding Glossary

Since this blog is read by a lot of sound branding experts we thought that it is time that all of us together create an interactive sound branding glossary.  We will kick it off by posting one specific sound branding term at a time.  Then it’s time for all of us in the comments section to develop a clear definition of each term. We know that there are different definitions out there, but there has been no effort online to come up with a widely accepted sound branding terminology.

Maybe it will be easier than we think to find a mutual definition for each term. In any case it is a valuable add-on for all our readers from the corporate world. Please spread the word…

Sound Branding Award 2010 goes to…

Just kidding. There is no Sound Branding Award yet. But we realized that it is always easy to bash brands for not doing their homework in regard to the recall and media efficiency potential that lies in a professional sound branding approach.  Therefor we wanted to look at a best practice example in the FMCG industry.  “Milka, …!” – can you finish the claim and the melody?  You sure can.

Here is one of the older Milka commercials:

If you go to Milka’s German homepage, you will be greeted by the Milka melody.  Then, go to the TV commercial section and check out the different videos for the different Milka product lines. You can always detect the Milka melody in all Milka line extensions. Continue reading

Selling the Sound of Silence – How much do you charge?

How can I differentiate myself from my competition?

Everybody is trying to communicate as much as possible. We want to be louder, sharper, and more innovative than our competitor. Everybody is getting husky (at least they would if communication was a live event) and nobody understands what the others say. The good news is that we found the loudest, sharpest, most differentiated and most innovative instrument in modern marketing communication of our time:

Silence Continue reading