Karlheinz Illner

Karlheinz Illner is an international brand expert in the field of Sound Branding and Acoustic Identity since 2003. In 2007 he founded his own Sound Branding agency and 2009 opened his new office under the name of KARLHEINZ ILLNER MARKEN & TONKULTUR.

Contact: if you are you interested in booking a speaking engagement or a Sound Branding project with Karlheinz Illner you can contact him at buero@kimutk.com.

Background: over the last years he has consulted premium brands on international Sound Branding projects, e.g. Coca-Cola, Lindt, Mercedes-Benz, Premiere (Sky), Procter & Gamble, MINI. He is a frequently asked speaker on the topic of Sound Branding and Brand Management.

This blog is trying to develop an international platform to discuss, to promote and to inform about sound branding issues. With your help it will reflect on the latest sound branding trends in Europe, Asia, America (North & South) and where ever else you are! We (the administrators) are working out of Germany, Europe, hence our view – hearing – is limited.

The topic of sound branding – or audio branding, sonic branding, corporate sound, acoustic identity… – has been established over the last decade. Now we can hear many great cases of sound branding (e.g. Intel, t-mobile). At the same time there are still too many bad examples of translating a brand into the world of sound. This should give us a lot to discuss.

Please enjoy!