Audi Sound Branding – Eminem vs. Audi: lawsuit in Germany!

Eight Mile Style, the company that is responsible for licensing Eminem’s songs, has filed a lawsuit against Audi in the Hamburg regional court in Germany, claiming that the Audi A6 commercial uses a version of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” without permission. (Source: Spiegel News magazine)

The Eminem song was used in this year’s Chrysler’s Super Bowl spot. Moreover, the Audi spot …itself looks like a copy of the Chrysler spot.

“It is absolutely shocking,” Joel Martin, manager of Eight Mile Style, said in a statement. “We believe Audi not only used ‘Lose Yourself’ to sell their product without permission, but their spot actually feels inspired by elements of Chrysler’s commercial campaign.”

And here is the Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl spot “Imported from Detroit”. Listen to the guitar riffs in the background and make up your own opinion. I am surprised usually Audi has got its indivdual style.

Read more on the ongoing implementation of the Audi Sound Branding and how it all started a year ago.


6 responses to “Audi Sound Branding – Eminem vs. Audi: lawsuit in Germany!

  1. “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” –

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  3. I really like your blog about audio-branding! Great articles ! Greets from germany

  4. When inspiration becomes plagiarism… strange with so many investment in audi sound branding, an example of sound conception and strategy. Something went really wrong.

  5. For me its often the problem of the agency itsself. I mean of course its very similar, but thats exactly what big agency’s mostly wants. There’s a very thin scope of creativity for the performer. That’s my opinon.

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