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Audi Sound Branding – Eminem vs. Audi: lawsuit in Germany!

Eight Mile Style, the company that is responsible for licensing Eminem’s songs, has filed a lawsuit against Audi in the Hamburg regional court in Germany, claiming that the Audi A6 commercial uses a version of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” without permission. (Source: Spiegel News magazine)

The Eminem song was used in this year’s Chrysler’s Super Bowl spot. Moreover, the Audi spot … Continue reading


Audio Branding Congress 2010: Audi Sound Branding Case

Initiators of the ABB: C. Ringe, K. Bronner and Rainer HirtFirst of all thanks to the organizing team & the initiators of the Audio Branding Congress (in the front row): Cornelius Ringe, Kai Bronner and Rainer Hirt!

Again it was another fascinating get together of Audio & Sound Branding Experts, Scientists and Brand Marketeers. The second international Audio Branding Congress took place in Hamburg, Germany, last Friday the 8th of November 2010.

One of the highlights was the presentation of the Audi Sound Branding case. However, and for me surprisingly, this case was discussed quite controversial after the presentation and especially at the get together party in the evening. Critics argue that the new Audi sound branding is missing a clear and memorable theme which is implemented in all commercials. At the moment the core elements of the Audi Sound Branding are: 10 instruments with a “unique” sound character, a motif and elements of the Sound Logo. These elements can be “re-arranged” by the individual musicians. They call it “Audi sound studio”.

Ms Margarita Bochmann, from Audi AG, agreed … Continue reading

The race is on – How does Porsche sound?

One of the hot issues in today’s world of automobiles is the electronic car. But what if the vibrant sound of a Porsche is missing? No engine – no sound?! What’s the solution when Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or VW are entering the age of electric cars? In Germany this discussion is already reflected in the media. For sure the first step is a clear understanding of the desired acoustic identity of the particular car brand – which is true for all Sound Branding projects.

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Artikel auf Deutsch:

Die Automobilwelt beschäftigt sich derzeit stark mit dem Thema Elektoautos. Die Frage ist, was passiert, wenn der vibrierende Sound eines Porsches einfach nicht mehr da ist? Kein Motor – kein Klang?!  Wie können Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz oder VW dieses Problem beim Eintritt in das Zeitalter der Elektroautos lösen?  In Deutschland spiegelt sich diese Diskussion bereits in allgemeinen Medien wider. Mit Sicherheit ist der erste Schritt ein klares Verständnis über die anzustrebende akustische Identität der Automarke – was grundsätzlich für alle Sound Branding Projekte gilt.

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