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The race is on – How does Porsche sound?

One of the hot issues in today’s world of automobiles is the electronic car. But what if the vibrant sound of a Porsche is missing? No engine – no sound?! What’s the solution when Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or VW are entering the age of electric cars? In Germany this discussion is already reflected in the media. For sure the first step is a clear understanding of the desired acoustic identity of the particular car brand – which is true for all Sound Branding projects.

Please check the related articles (Sorry, they are in German!) on Zeit.de and Sueddeutsche.de!


Artikel auf Deutsch:

Die Automobilwelt beschäftigt sich derzeit stark mit dem Thema Elektoautos. Die Frage ist, was passiert, wenn der vibrierende Sound eines Porsches einfach nicht mehr da ist? Kein Motor – kein Klang?!  Wie können Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz oder VW dieses Problem beim Eintritt in das Zeitalter der Elektroautos lösen?  In Deutschland spiegelt sich diese Diskussion bereits in allgemeinen Medien wider. Mit Sicherheit ist der erste Schritt ein klares Verständnis über die anzustrebende akustische Identität der Automarke – was grundsätzlich für alle Sound Branding Projekte gilt.

Bitte lesen Sie die interessanten Artikel auf auf Zeit.de und Sueddeutsche.de!

Why Sound Branding?

You can’t turn off your ears. We can look away from something but hardly stop listening. For our ancestors the never sleeping hearing sense was crucial to survive. Hearing is embedded in the emotional part of our psychological system and the instinctive part of our brain. Music and sound is a universal language understood by all humans.

In the power of sound lies a huge potential for brand communication. This potential is hardly used in a systematic approach. Sound Branding gives a brand a new dimension: an Acoustic Identity.

Why do corporations invest in a clear visual identity? It increases recall and differentiation from competitors. Sounds are even more powerful. If you hear the tones of a famous song you can hum the melody. This power is utilized by Sound Branding. Continue reading

Welcome to the Sound Branding Blog!

The beginning of a decade is the perfect moment to start something new.
Our objective here is to create a blog about the fascinating topic of sound branding: how does a brand sound like? why is it important to find the appropriate sound? how can you create it?

We want to develop an international platform to discuss, to promote, and to inform about sound branding issues. With your help we would like to reflect the latest sound branding trends in Europe, Asia, America (North & South) and where ever else you are! We are working out of Germany, Europe, hence our view – hearing – is limited.

The topic of sound branding – or audio branding, corporate sound, acoustic identity… – has been established over the last decade. Now we can hear many great cases of sound branding (e.g. Intel, t-mobile). At the same time there are still too many bad examples of translating a brand into the world of sound. Continue reading