Welcome to the Sound Branding Blog!

The beginning of a decade is the perfect moment to start something new.
Our objective here is to create a blog about the fascinating topic of sound branding: how does a brand sound like? why is it important to find the appropriate sound? how can you create it?

We want to develop an international platform to discuss, to promote, and to inform about sound branding issues. With your help we would like to reflect the latest sound branding trends in Europe, Asia, America (North & South) and where ever else you are! We are working out of Germany, Europe, hence our view – hearing – is limited.

The topic of sound branding – or audio branding, corporate sound, acoustic identity… – has been established over the last decade. Now we can hear many great cases of sound branding (e.g. Intel, t-mobile). At the same time there are still too many bad examples of translating a brand into the world of sound.

In this downturn economy marketing budgets are drastically cut by 10%, 20% or even more. Thus we need new tools and different approaches to be successful in brand communication. And that’s why we are convinced that we are at a turning point with sound branding becoming a “must have” in marketing communication.

When people – at least in Germany – hear the sound logo of the t-mobile 70% (!) recognize it! Is there another marketing tool with that kind of power? Studies show, sound branding can increase your media efficiency by 5% ..10%..X%

Sound branding is not new. Remember the jingles? What’s new, is the approach, the tools, and the process. Decades ago music was used in advertising to make it easier to remember the products. What’s different now? It’s the approach to select, create, and implement the sound of the brand. Marketers have realized that a brand sound needs to reflect the brand values, its positioning and its character. The foundation of this process is brand management. The approach to manage a brand instead of a product. To develop and manage the brand values in a professional manner. So now even small size companies have brand values, brand positioning and brand character. Based on that the brand is visualized and the design is created to reflect the brand in every relevant visual way. Simple – isn’t it?!

So one day a few years ago someone woke up and thought “What the hell, we need to give each brand its own sound in the same way we already visualize brands in a unique way!” That’s the way it all started…no rocket science. My head is full of thoughts and ideas I would like to share – and that’s why we (my team and I) created this blog.

Have a great day!
Karlheinz Illner

P.S. Hey, and if you come across some funny stuff related to brands and sound please feel free to share it!


4 responses to “Welcome to the Sound Branding Blog!

  1. When we developed and implemented the first phase of our Sound Branding concept at Siemens seven years ago it was not foreseeable how fast this “new” topic will become professionalized. From my point of view Sound Branding today means a solid vital element of Corporate Design – although we still have to work on the equality compared to the visual elements. I think that an audio-visual perspective will be the ideal way for the next future. Juergen Barthel (Head of Corporate Design / Siemens)

  2. I fully agree with Juergen Barthel, the “full power” of Sound Branding is utilized when design & sound is developed in a synergetic process. This presents hugh potential for future design/ acoustic identity projects.

  3. hey , nice blog ..and great topic …. i think i m gonna stick to ur blog for long time for the next weeks … :)

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