Why Sound Branding?

You can’t turn off your ears. We can look away from something but hardly stop listening. For our ancestors the never sleeping hearing sense was crucial to survive. Hearing is embedded in the emotional part of our psychological system and the instinctive part of our brain. Music and sound is a universal language understood by all humans.

In the power of sound lies a huge potential for brand communication. This potential is hardly used in a systematic approach. Sound Branding gives a brand a new dimension: an Acoustic Identity.

Why do corporations invest in a clear visual identity? It increases recall and differentiation from competitors. Sounds are even more powerful. If you hear the tones of a famous song you can hum the melody. This power is utilized by Sound Branding.

However; everyone who wants to develop a professional Acoustic Identity for his own brand will realize sooner or later that there is no „quick fix“ to produce a Sound Logo or even a complete Sound Branding toolkit. In contrast: a poorly conceived Sound Branding is likely to communicate a brand image which is not in line with the brand positioning. As we can not turn off our ears these brand messages reach our target group and counteract our brand communication.

An Acoustic Identity can play a major role within a brand culture and can increase the effectiveness of communication. However; to exploit the power of sound and to create a lasting sound identity in the minds of the target group a clear strategy and a well designed implementation plan is crucial.

Clear Sound Branding elements increase recall, support the emotional aspects of branding and sharpen the brand identity. This optimizes the effectiveness of brand communication and creates a unique Acoustic Identity.


3 responses to “Why Sound Branding?

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