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Thank you!

Wuerzburg Christmas MarketNearly a year ago I started this blog with the big help of Christoph Hoffmann – thank you Christoph!

We did not know what would happen we just wanted to create a platform to discuss Sound Branding issues and to help to promote this fascinating area of branding.

Now we know it has been a great year. All your comments and feedback give us the motivation to keep posting. Thank you for your input and ideas!

Just one wish: if you like this blog, please take a moment to click the like button, the sharing buttons and/or rank the post you have just read. Your feedback is my motivation to invest time in this blog.

Have a merry christmas and enjoy your holidays!                                               Karlheinz Illner


Term 7: Sound Identity

Sound Identity (Sound ID) is the consistent development of a unique acoustic identity for a brand. Along the lines of the visual identity the acoustic elements are derived from the brand values and the brand positioning. The objective is to create a consistent identity with a strong recognition value. Key areas of design are: sound branding elements, soundscapes, soundmarks and brand voice.

Do you agree or disagree with this definition? Is anything missing in the definition we use? Please post your ideas in the comments section.

Give it some heat!

I just came across this TV commercial which I would like to share with you. It’s from the BC Lions football team and it’s already from the year 2004 but it’s a great example how you can make a great spot without music, however; with a great voice character and a sound at the end which could be part of a unique Sound Branding (Do you feel the impact when suddenly the cheering kicks in?). Enjoy it!

Sound Art: NYC’s High Line or the subtle way of Sound Branding

Ryan Francis, a Juilliard School of Music graduate, has composed  an ode to the city’s elevated train track, the High Line, which opened to great acclaim last year. The High Line, his winning composition in a prize sponsored by LVMH and the American Composer’s Orchestra to create a Greener New York City-inspired sonic branding for the park.

How did Francis create the aural experience and evoke the audio essence of the High Line experience? According to the brandchannel Ryan Francis comments about his composition: “I did … Continue reading