Term 7: Sound Identity

Sound Identity (Sound ID) is the consistent development of a unique acoustic identity for a brand. Along the lines of the visual identity the acoustic elements are derived from the brand values and the brand positioning. The objective is to create a consistent identity with a strong recognition value. Key areas of design are: sound branding elements, soundscapes, soundmarks and brand voice.

Do you agree or disagree with this definition? Is anything missing in the definition we use? Please post your ideas in the comments section.


4 responses to “Term 7: Sound Identity

  1. Dear Karlheinz, I think you need a few more parameters to the definition.
    My opinion that there more options to consider, not only recognition, but also differentiation, flexibility, involvement, expirience, consistence and personality.

  2. Hi Birgitte,
    this is a definition of the term “Sound Identity”. What you mean is the process of developing Sound Branding Elements (->). In that sense you’re absolutely right. Moreover you should add technical limitations and cultural considerations.

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