6 responses to “Term 2: Brand Hookline

  1. A Sound Logo is not a Jingle (with vocals), and it has nothing to do with the brand song :-) In the case of McDonald, you can get to this conclusion, but this is almost an exception, since the whole identity is build on the music for a campain. The difference between soundbranding and the former use of music in advertising is the key to understand why soundbranding has become a nescessary tool in branding

    In generel the brand song is instrumental, and the sound logo will be a significant frase of the whole soundidentity.

    As a minimum a soundidentity will consist of a originally designed background track or brand song, and an extracted sound-logo, soundbrand or soundID. – In our comopany, we do prefer not to use the term sound-logo, because most people will connect to the jingle as we know it from traditional Radio and TV commercials.

  2. I think it describes it pretty good.

  3. Hi Birgitte,
    thanks for your comment. I do fully agree there is quite a confusion out there regarding the Sound Branding terminology. That’s why we would like to discuss the different definitions of the individual term.

  4. Hi Karsten,
    thanks for your feedback.

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