4 responses to “Sound Branding Term 8: Definition Sound Logo

  1. This is how the term soundlogo is usually defined. You might want to expand on the term “1-2 sec. meldoy”. Quite a few logos are made up of sound design that is not really all that meldodic (BMW for instance). Sometimes they feature musical elements that are not easily “hummable”, but in total they make up a unique sound. Question is, whether you consider a spoken brand name (with no melody or sound design) a soundlogo, if it is used consistently.
    Best A.W.

  2. Hi Alex,
    thanks for your feedback. The majority of Sound Logos are based on a melody, however; I agree with you that some Sound Logos are just a “sound sequence”. I add this to the definition.
    Thanks again

  3. Hi Karlheinz,

    I agree on most of the definition, as it also close to the one stated by Bronner and Hirt (“Audio-Branding” 2007).
    Some may call differentiation “uniqueness” or prefer the term “concise” for shortness, but the message is the same.

    I think, the main objecitve for any brand symbol though is: recognition. First and foremost a Sound Logo is a acoustic symbol for the brand, potentially substituting it’s name. As such a symbol it has to be learned by the target groups (and stakeholders) and can then become a brand asset.

    All the best!

    C. Stiegler

  4. Hi Cornelius,
    I agree with you in some parts that’s why I mentioned media efficiency (“more bang for the buck”). That’s what is missing in other definitions. If a Sound Logo doesn’t work for the brand it is wasted. Regarding market research that means at least to measure recognition and recall. Recognition itself doesn’t help the brand. Only if recall rates are high you create a brand asset.

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