3 responses to “International Sound Branding: the Skoda case

  1. See my comments on Audi Sound Branding Case.

    Strategy is so important. In addition to brand analysis and audits, care should be taken to think about effective implementation. A style guide is useless if it’s too inflexible – or if there’s no commitment to consistency on the part of the brand. I think part of our job as “audio branding specialists” is looking for potential problems in the methodology of implementation for our clients.

    I think the Skoda examples show how sound can be used to reposition a brand – but it appears that there was no effort made to adapt the audio logo – something that could have been done easily. In fact, I think by giving the audio logo a “tougher edge” to make it congruent with the new positioning, Skoda could have actually emphasized the shift even more.

    A missed opportunity, in my opinion.

    Thanks as always for giving us some “sonic food” for thought.

  2. Dear Steve,
    again ;) I fully agree with you. The skoda motif is so clear and could be easily repositioned with a different sound charcater. That would be beneficial in two ways: further building up brand recognition (“I have heard that motif before..”) and adding new image dimensions.
    Maybe Skoda or the agency read our comments ;)

  3. Execution is key to success. You can plan all day long with hundreds of strategies but if the execution isn’t their what’s the point?

    An audio asset in my opinion needs to be flexible enough to withstand permutations as the brand changes with time. So, I agree with both the comments above and the article it’s a missed opportunity by Skoda.

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