3 responses to “Sound Branding Term 6: Sound Branding

  1. i think you captured the essence of the definition of audio/sound branding. in a broader sense, audio branding includes any sound that reflects or defines the brand – which could also include architectural considerations in how a brand’s retail space might sound. in this regard, audio branding also focuses on how a brand manages the variety sonic spaces it inhabits.

    unfortunately, many brands actually engage in audio branding without being aware that they’re doing it (which i address in a recent post on my blog ) : there is no strategy, no consistency no though about the sounds they are associating with their brand. it’s through blogs like this that we can hopefully raise awareness and change the discussion about the importance of sound in branding.

    thanks for the food for thought!

    • Hi Steve,
      thanks for your feedback!
      I agree with you that most companies do not strategically implement music in their communication. That’s why many brands miss the potential of sound branding. They do not create their unique acoustic identity. In the visual world that would be a NO GO.

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