Sound Branding Award 2010 goes to…

Just kidding. There is no Sound Branding Award yet. But we realized that it is always easy to bash brands for not doing their homework in regard to the recall and media efficiency potential that lies in a professional sound branding approach.  Therefor we wanted to look at a best practice example in the FMCG industry.  “Milka, …!” – can you finish the claim and the melody?  You sure can.

Here is one of the older Milka commercials:

If you go to Milka’s German homepage, you will be greeted by the Milka melody.  Then, go to the TV commercial section and check out the different videos for the different Milka product lines. You can always detect the Milka melody in all Milka line extensions.

Now we were wondering if Milka is consequently using this sound worldwide. So we checked the Milka websites in France, Austria, Turkey, and Spain. They are all using the same Milka melody in their TV commercials as well.

Just imagine how powerful that little melody has become over all these years. This, dear brand managers, is an example of a very successful sound branding project.  And how could it become that big? Good craftsmanship by its maker (Christian Bruhn who is also responsible for the famous jingles of Haribo or McDonalds and persistence on the side of the brand.


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